Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday!


Today I am celebrating my 28th birthday (whoa when did that happen)! Today my plan is to relax and then later tonight eat a funnel cake, that's my kind of cake.  ;)  I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Office Plans

Good afternoon! Today I wanted to talk home office.  Our back bedroom is the second to the last room in our house that needs a major makeover. While I work on many projects at once (I may or may not have a little decorating ADD), I needed to have a plan for each space. The space that I am planning on working on next is our home office.  I want it to function as a computer room/craft room, possibly a place where I can work on this blog.  Since we are working with a low budget, I will be working with things we already have and by things I mean everything, including leftover paint.  But I am excited for the challenge. It is currently functioning as the catch all room, you know that room you put everything that you don't know where it belongs.  Since we have merged two households there is still quite a bit of junk that doesn't have a home.  The plan as of now is to (I can't believe I'm saying it) is to paint the room white and give it a little industrial like feel.  I love the crisp, clean looks of these spaces, that has a slight roughness to it.


Black and white office

light, bright home office: Loving this home office.

We have an old drafting table I would like to incorporate into the space, it will be a great place to spread out or do crafts.  I love how this table looks in this space below.  I might even try and paint the table, somehow, it is currently a brown blah color.

vintage industrial office

As for the closet, I would eventually like something like this.  So we can utilize it for storage space for magazines, DVDs, and craft supplies.

neat way to store paperwork and hide to make the house look cleaner. If you are using a spare bedroom for an office utilize the closet space!

If I'm really lucky,  I will convince my husband to let me paint a chalkboard wall. :)

craft room with room for friends (sarah champion)

Hoping to tackle this project sometime this week.  Wish me luck!