Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some Snow Day Links

winter walk

Is anyone else hoping to get snowed in tonight and tomorrow?  Why not throw Monday in there too? We are supposed to get a big snow storm tonight and tomorrow in Indiana, at least I'm hoping for a big storm. Even though I had a few days off for the holidays, I am still dragging.  Plus, I would love some extra time to get started on my resolution to read two books a month.  So if your snowed in or just hoping to be, here are some links to keep you occupied.

Love this article about historic places that were saved last year.

Trying to find an awesome print with this song's lyrics on it, I want it to be my song for the new year.  I listen to it on repeat.

I'm trying to convince Craig to let me paint a chalkboard wall, he is not sold on the idea, maybe this will help.

An amazing website with products that relate to different books, I especially love this necklace representing one of my favorite books ever.

The most perfect outfit for a snow day.

Happy hopefully snow day!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!


I'm sitting here listening to Christmas music, sipping coffee, and reflecting on 2013.  I'm not quite ready to give up the Christmas yet even though I know 2014 is going to be a wonderfully, blessed year.  Between marrying my best friend, lots of time with family and friends and embracing a new dream, I think it will be a pretty great year.  I'm very very excited about what 2014 has in store.

I'm definitely a New Year's junkie.  I love fresh, clean calenders and the idea of a new start.  I love the idea of getting organized and setting goals.  But honestly, I never really have written out resolutions, so I decided to actually write some and then post them here.  I feel if I get them out there to the world, it will make me be more accountable to myself. So here it goes:
  • Work out 3-4 times per week- It's wedding crunch time people, I have to get serious!
  • Start and finish Financial Peace University- Craig and I will be going through this class with my brother, we want to get our marriage started with the right financial foundation.
  • Grateful, grateful, grateful- I want to cultivate a heart that is thankful for all my wonderful blessings, everyday.
  • Cook- I am terrible cook, I need some practice, A LOT of practice.  I have been reading Shauna Niequest and I am so inspired by her emphasis on being around the table and that leads to my next resolution.
  • Throw more parties- I love having people over and I never ever do it.  It's so sad.
  • Read two books a month- I used to be an avid reader and I want to get back into that habit.
  • Blog more consistently- I love the blogging world; it can be so inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging.  I would really love to grow this place and see where it goes.  I also would love to photograph my apartment and post it.
  • Get more involved with the Influence Network- I was blessed to go to the Influence Conference this year and it blessed my socks off.  I want to get more involved with this lovely group of women that make up the network.
  • Dig into my Bible everyday- I want to follow along with the She Reads Truth plans and actually share what I am learning and interact within that community.
  • Be more intentional with my relationships- I struggle a lot with balance, and I really want to work on that, this year.  I am full of good intentions but good intentions get you nowhere, especially in adult friendships.  Plus I want to soak up all the time with my friends because I know once come May, things will change. :)
  • Evaluate at the end of every month my resolutions and judge how I am doing.
At the end of all these hefty list of goals, completed or not I want to fully embrace this season of life that I'm in, to love my Lord first and dwell in His truths, to take time to nurture meaningful relationships, to take care of myself, to serve others, to live contently. It's gonna be a good year.

What are your New Year's goals, wishes, and resolutions?

Happy 2014!!!